Built-in screen recorder Apple iOS11 beta


September 4th 2017

True fun of Apple product, specifically iOS, know, that screen recording isnt new feature, there was possibility to capture screen on iOS with computer or 3rd applications. But now with new Control Centre we have closer to this function, exactly two “moves”.
We are in beta iOS, lot of details can be changed until final release, so be patient about non-friendly solution, i have few ideas to help and hope that Apple improve them in next beta.
In first time, we need to enable screen record, it is not like install application from Apple Store, it is only customize Control Centre to show Screen Capture icon.

How to enable screen record in Control Centre iOS 11 – iPhone SE

  1. Settings
  2. Conrol Centre
  3. Customize Controls
  4. Tap on green PLUS next to “Screen Recording”

After that just open Control Center and you will see capture icon, with short touch – start screen recording after three seconds, long touch shows “Advanced setting”, currently just microphone.

What should be possible to setup?

Design is in beta testing, so this list is not complain, i hope that Apple developers are proud and give us usefull “Advanced setting”.

  • Show trip of swipe and touch coordinates, home button allert while press – wanna know where video creator touch his screen etc.
  • Record sounds – without microphone video is silent, with on, it catchs every tiny sound in room
  • Hide status bar – sometime video content does not need show batery status, signal, operator ets.