Going back for AdBlock, terrible situation on webs

October 15th 2017

I unninstal AdBlock few years ago, the biggist mistake in my life! Advertising is everywhere and in specific view, we need it, but what i can see in last month is totaly new way how to upset visitors.

I am for decent ads

In first case, i have Goodle AdSence account, i want some bucks from views on my page, but i never allow to setup ads with automatic play videos and sounds, blinking ads and lot of banners inside articles, just waiting to misclick from readers. I am really upset how some funpages going. Most of this pages are small and without sponsor, but i cant figure how owner can have good feelings about his job. So, my new way – BLOCK EM ALL! Install that AdBlock and show them, then everybody can set, what is on screen.

AdBlock for Google Chrome

My current browser is Google Chrome, where you can install addon directly from Chrome Store, there is lot of version of some block plugin, my favourite is from adblockplus.org developer. Named “Adblock Plus“. This version does not block all banners on all pages, but i can confirm that 90% ads are gone.

AdBlock for Microsoft Edge & other browsers

One of newest browsers – Edge – has available beta version of AdBlock, it shows, that this type of programs are not dead and developers know what “customers” want. Just for your information, supported browsers: Chrome, Firefox, Internet Explorer*, Maxthon, Microsoft Edge**, Opera, Safari***, Yandex.Browser.

*Does not work for :Metro Mode of Internet Explorer on Windows 8 & Internet Explorer on Windows RT
** Beta version
***Safari 6.0 and higher