Harvey, Irma attak Caribbean islands? California & New Scotland next?

September 10th 2017

I am not “meteorologist”, but situation near Florida is minimal interesting. USA is popular with their storms, hurricans, tornados etc. But right now, After Harvey comes Irma with more power, and after that, prognosis shows new big storms, one will go for California coast and second will come close to New Scotland next week.

Situation about Harvey and Irma is monitored by whole world, so, if you want more and better info, you should find another page. I wanna inform about Windy/Windyty weather monitor as application for mobile platform, specifically iOS.

Windy.com – easy way to check “advanced” weather

Most of us, with smartphones, use application for weather. I personaly use built-in weather application in iOS, . It is very clear tool, just location, current sky situation, some detail about clouds in specific hours and table with current chance of rain, humidity, wind, feels like,precipitation, pressure, visibility and UV index. But this information is good for future pre-paration, but not for actual / real time dangerous situation.
Few days ago, while i looking for any information about Harvey & Irma power, i found web service that shows lot of information. Just short list, they are labeled “layers”: wind, snow/rain, temperature, clouds, waves, pressure and lot of more options – everythink in real time graph. You can setup which units you wanna use, you can change properties about animation (thickness of objects, speed, lenght, contrast and more..).

Avaliable for iOS and Android

Application is for mobiles too. In both of stores app is named “Windy: wind and waves forecast” by “Windyty, SE” developer. I am one of that geek that use developer or beta systems, so screenshots are from iOS 11 beta and application layout can be broken, get that in peace please.

In mobile application you have same setting as in browser version, but little bit less confortable and userfriendly. In previous paragraph i wrote few layers that are shows as default,  but you can use more. Just touch white label on right side of the screen and select what you want. You can use filter for Flying, Water and Ski. In General setting menu is form for basic display on screen.

Result is lot of colours in graphic map with explanatory bar on bottom of the screen. Everythink has smooth animation and globaly this application is really nice. But i can not give stars or any score in store, just becouse my beta iOS.,,

Why i wrote about California and New Scotland ?

I hope that nobody will trust in that question in title of this post. I just tryed move time bar to next week, and prognosis show me new hurricanes, one in similar way as Harley and Irma but more to north, second on west coast, with way to California. Look by yourself.

Coincidence in affliction

Just imagine situation, then you are circa one hundred years on this world, and in marriage. Names of you and your wife is Harvey & Irma …

Windy avaiable on the Apple and Android Store