How to disable Emoji icons in iOS

June 11th 2017

So much people just want clearly looks and stable mobile phone. And one feature in iOS giving me cancer, its emoji. I dont remember if Emoji is enabled by default setting, but i never wanted to use them, so fast manual to disable in post below..
Thank´s to Apple that iOS is so intuitive.

How to disable Emoji icons in iOS

  1. Open Settings
  2. General
  3. Keyboard – You can see number next to little arrow, it is count of installed keyboards, include languages & Emoji
  4. Swipe to left on row where is Emoji, and tap DELETE
  5. Enjoy cancer-free messaging

In case you want cancer: How to enable emoji in iOS

  1. After point 4 from disabling emoji select “Add new keyboard”
  2. List of keyboard is sorted by alphabet, except EN (its 1st), Emoji is between Dutch and Estonian