So much people just want clearly looks and stable mobile phone. And one feature in iOS giving me cancer, its emoji. I dont remember if Emoji is enabled by default setting, but i never wanted to use them, so fast manual to disable in post below..
Thank´s to Apple that iOS is so intuitive.

How to disable Emoji icons in iOS

  1. Open Settings
  2. General
  3. Keyboard – You can see number next to little arrow, it is count of installed keyboards, include languages & Emoji
  4. Swipe to left on row where is Emoji, and tap DELETE
  5. Enjoy cancer-free messaging

In case you want cancer: How to enable emoji in iOS

  1. After point 4 from disabling emoji select “Add new keyboard”
  2. List of keyboard is sorted by alphabet, except EN (its 1st), Emoji is between Dutch and Estonian